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Side, which is 70 km away from Antalya Airport and located in the east of Antalya, offers you an unforgettable holiday opportunity with its historical texture and touristic infrastructure.

The main places to see in the region are as follows.

Manavgat waterfall

When you see the Manavgat Waterfall, which is always young by flowing tirelessly and tirelessly, 3 km north of the town of Manavgat, you will feel that you are also vigorous. Manavgat Waterfall, which spreads over a wide area, offers a spectacular view, despite the spilling of the river waters from 4 meters low.

In the picnic areas surrounded by the unique harmony of the Manavgat Stream and the forest formed by various trees in its breathtaking nature, you will feel that you breathe in peace with every breath. Do not forget that there are fresh fish in the restaurants nearby.

Side Transfer

Are you looking for an economic Side transfer? Then we have great news for you. For the most economical Side transfer services, make your reservation with Blue transfer right away and make a good start to your holiday! Our experienced drivers will deliver you and your loved ones to your address quickly and reliably.

It is an excellent place where the cool waters of the Mediterranean, soft sands and historical treasures that have been preserved for centuries come together; Side.

Side holiday is a great option to refresh with the energy of sunlight and the coolness of the sea waters, to catch the harmony with nature in the tranquil atmosphere created by the trees and to isolate from time in the mystery of ancient ruins.

 Distance from Antalya airport to Side How many km?

The closest airport to Side is Antalya airport and the distance between Antalya airport and Side is 65 kilometers. It takes 56 minutes with the fastest route. How many kilometers from Gazipasa Airport to Side?

Gazipaşa Airport is farther from Side than Antalya airport, but it is an alternative transportation option. The distance between Gazipaşa airport and Side is 105 kilometers. With antalyabluetransfer, this distance is 1 hour 38 minutes.

You can provide transfer service to Side from Gazipaşa and Antalya airports. In addition to Side, you can reach Kumköy, Sorgun, Çolaklı and Titreyengöl towns with the comfort and privilege of Blue Transfer.

Side Transfer Vehicles

Choose from a wide variety of vehicles for your side transfer, from shared minibus to luxury sedan series.

Shuttle Minibus

You can reach Side economically from Antalya airport with the shuttle minibus option. Shuttle transfer option is only valid for Antalya airport.

Sedan Transfer

It can accommodate 3 suitcases and 3 people. With air-conditioned sedan vehicles, you can reach your hotel quickly and have more holidays. It is suitable for couples who want fast transportation.

Mercedes Vito Vip Transfer

Go wide and comfortable with the specially designed latest model Mercedes Vito Vip Transfer! Vehicle capacity is 7 people and 7 suitcases. If you wish, you can choose a mutual seat and experience a real VIP transfer.

Vip Minibus

It is suitable for large groups with 14-person Vip designed vehicles. Our vehicles are air-conditioned and have a comfortable journey with cold drinks at all times.

 Side Arrival Transfer

When you land at the airport to go to Side, guest welcoming staff will be waiting for you or your guest at the exit of the terminal. If you have a shared transfer reservation, please find the Blue Transfer logo sign. If you have booked a Vip transfer, please find the sign with your name. Your driver will assist you in the transportation of your luggage and luggage. If you are sick and cannot walk, the airport staff will help you until the exit of the terminal, and your driver will assist you at the exit of the terminal. You can benefit from BlueTransfer's 100% satisfaction guaranteed services to reach Side from Antalya Airport.

Side Return Transfer

For the return transfer from Side to the airport, be ready at the point indicated on the ticket at least 10 minutes before the time indicated on your ticket. Make sure your phone is turned on. We remind you that you should be ready at the airport at least one hour before you are going to fly abroad, and at least 2 hours before you are going to fly abroad. Please make sure you have your ticket and ID.

Places to visit in Side

 Reflecting the perfect harmony of the earth and the sky, ancient ruins surrounded by pale beaches on a peninsula with its arms outstretched to the sea, cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops and natural wonders easily accessible from Side, such as Manavgat Waterfall and Köprülü Canyon National Park, we can say that the main elements of the Side holiday. .

Envious of the harmony of the white clouds scattered in the blue sky at the edge of the sea, the temple of Apollo, leaning against the deep blue sea with its white marble columns and dedicated to the son of the Sun, Apollo, is enchanting with the colors of the sunset the temple dedicated to the goddess Athena attracts attention with its columns with Corinthian capitals, marble blocks on these columns and reliefs with plant motifs.

Made as a gesture to Emperor Vespasian; once decorated with beautiful sculptures, there is the Vespasian Fountain and the monumental gate with a single arch. When you pass through the door, the ancient theater stops in all its glory. Offering visual feasts to approximately 17,000 people with its three-storey stage, II. century-old Side Theater, imposing columns, sculptures and reliefs of mythological figures adorned.

The fact that the orchestra made of earth is surrounded by a water channel suggests that the theater was also used for water games in the Ancient period. Theater, V. and VI. centuries, it was a venue for open air rituals, and the prayers of the people of Side to God were echoed on its walls.

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