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Are you looking for a suitable and reliable transfer company for Kemer Transfer? Then, contact Blue Transfer immediately and start your Kemer vacation without any stress. You can have a great journey with comfortable vehicles, professional team and experience.

How can I benefit from Kemer transfer services? Kemer, which comes before Antalya even when it comes to holiday and tourism in the Mediterranean, is located 40 km from Antalya. While it was known as a small village until the 1980s, it has become an important center in the last 20 years with the development of tourism. This favorite district of Antalya has gained the status of a village first, then a town, and finally a district in 1991.

Many tourists who want to come to Kemer prefer air transportation. The distance between Antalya airport and Kemer is 58 kilometers and the journey time takes 54 minutes. After landing at the airport in Antalya, to reach Kemer, introduce yourself to our professional drivers who greet you outside with your name after picking up your luggage at the airport terminal exit. Your Blue transfer driver will provide you with a stress-free journey experience, AntalyaBlueTransfer, to your destination.

Kemer Transfer Price

When you want to get transfer service from Antalya to Kemer, you may feel that these special vehicles are expensive. However, we should state that you will be very pleased with these services you will receive from for a certain fee. You will definitely want to start your holiday by completing your transportation with us every Antalya holiday.

When you choose a taxi from Antalya airport to Kemer, you need to pay an average of 350 lira for the cheapest and shortest distance transportation. However, if you want to travel with transfer companies, the amount you will pay is half the average taxi fare. Your journey will be very short and cheap with transfer companies that combine quality and service.

You will never want to prefer taxi or other means of transportation when you experience the difference and quality of the service you receive against the price you pay.

If you want to go to Kemer by buses at the airport, you must first go to the Antalya Bus terminal. However, you should know that these buses do not go beyond certain routes. If your hotel is not located on this route, unfortunately, you will reach your hotel by getting off nearby and walking with your suitcases or by taking a transportation vehicle again.

Here, Blue Transfer tries to ensure that local and foreign visitors start their vacation without experiencing this exhausting process. With Blue Transfer, which offers very affordable prices, you can reach your hotel door. You can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with friendly and expert chauffeurs. What you need to do is to register your vehicle from the companies' websites before you come to Antalya.

In Kemer, which is the holiday destination of Antalya, which hosts the most tourists and is legendary with its luxury, of course, the transfer vehicles are also carefully selected and allocated to the service of our guests. Transfer companies that provide services with their latest model vehicle fleets satisfy their guests with vehicles equipped with all kinds of equipment for the convenience of passengers.

These transfer companies, which the guests prefer to use again and again, provide transportation with VIP vehicles for their guests. You can get the necessary information from our website or our customer representatives in order to benefit from travel opportunities according to your desired luxury and budget, and you can make your reservation in a few minutes.

Arrival Transfer to Kemer

After landing at Antalya Airport, your captain will be waiting for you at the exit of the terminal with a sign with your name in his hand. Please find your captain who is waiting for you outside after getting your luggage. Your captain will help you carry your luggage.

Transfer to Antalya Airport

On the return transfer from Kemer to Antalya airport, our driver will be waiting for you at the specified time and location. Please be ready 10 minutes before the specified time. If your plane is going to international flights, get in your vehicle from Kemer at least 3 hours before the flight departure time.

 Kemer is one of the districts of our country that has a worldwide reputation. Kemer, a district of Antalya, is one of the places preferred by local and foreign tourists for their holiday with its magnificent natural beauty. When Kemer is mentioned, it is a holiday resort where you can enjoy the holiday in every sense with its natural beauties as well as luxury accommodation places, night clubs where the fun does not end until the morning, and many restaurants.

The miraculous beauty of Kemer is not an exaggeration, indeed Kemer and all the shores of Antalya are Mediterranean paradise. Green pine forests and beaches and coves in all shades of blue are the main features that make this place magnificent. That's why this route is a unique alternative for those looking for a great holiday. Belt; It is a very lively holiday destination in the summer months and many Mediterranean and international restaurants in the city centers are waiting to serve you. During the day, you can drink tea and cold lemonades in cafes in Kemer city center or spend time on the beach. In the evening, many restaurants around the marina offer you romantic dinners with a wonderful view. At night, you will reach the peak of entertainment in the world famous Kemer nightclubs.

When it comes to Kemer, it will be very nice to see the unique view of this coastline from above. For this, you can take the cable car that takes you to the top of Tahtalı Mountain from the city center and watch this magnificent green and blue embrace.

You can also visit Adrasan, Göynük, Beldibi and Yanartaş, which are very close to Kemer, if you have time. You can also contact Blue Transfer to rent a car and rent a car with a private driver.Kemer is a town on the Mediterranean coast, 40 kilometers from Antalya. While it was a small village until the early 1980s, it has become one of the most important centers of Turkish tourism with the facilities opened in the last 20 years. After it became a village and then a town, it gained the status of a district on September 13, 1991.

West Taurus Mountains and 52 kilometers along the coast of Kemer, is one of Turkey's most important tourism centers. In the place where Kemer is located today, there was a settlement known as Eski Köy in the 1910s and consisting of lakes and marshes as a result of the floods from the mountains. The people of the Old Village built a 23 kilometers long stone wall on the slopes of the mountains to protect themselves from these floods. Later, because of this wall, they will call their village Kemer.

The oldest history of Kemer dates back to 690 BC. The foundation of the ancient city of Phaselis is based on this date.

because it is not the highway until 1960, transportation just Belt provided the path of the sea, the way the scope of the project Tourism in 1980 after the implementation of the southern Antalya and other infrastructure, attaining the values ​​developed rapidly and has become today one of Turkey's most popular tourist destinations. Kemer district and settlements such as Kiriş, Tekirova, Çamyuva, Arslanbucak, Kuzdere, Beycik, Göynük, Beldibi, Çıralı occupy an extremely important place in Antalya tourism.

One of the main attractions of Kemer is its natural beauty. Sea, forest and mountains converge at one point. The clarity of the sea, the greenery of the forest, the sea waves reaching up to the pine trees and the use of pine trees as shade on the beaches are very attractive. The entire coast from Beldibi location to Tekirova is a completely natural beach. There are many bays and small natural harbors on its indented shores. Beaches in the center of Kemer are Municipality beach and Moonlight Beach located next to the marina. It is possible to swim in places such as Phaselis beach, which is a national park and where the ancient city is still standing. It is also possible to benefit from the pools and beaches of the accommodation facilities for a fee. It is possible to reach the ancient cities of Olympos and Phaselis from Kemer. In recent years, safari tours to high places such as Söğüt Cuması, Altınyaka and Dereköy have also attracted considerable attention.

In addition, other attractions in the region are caves. These caves: Beldibi cave is 27 km south west of Antalya on the coast of the sea. There are also prehistoric ruins. Another must-see cave is the Molla hole. It is located on the eastern slope of Tahtalı Mountain rising to the west of Kemer. This cave can only be reached on foot from the villages of Aşağı Kuzdere or Tekirova, which are on the Kemer-Kumluca highway. It is necessary to walk 3-4 hours from both neighborhoods.

Kemer also has an important place in yacht tourism with its modern marina with a capacity of 320 yachts. The marina and its 52 km coastline have been awarded the Blue Flag by meeting the criteria set by the European Foundation for Environmental Education (FEEK).

Kemer region hosts many activities during the touristic period. Phaselis Art Events, Belt Off-Shore Racing, World Rally Championship Turkey foot (WRC Rally of Turkey), the region throughout the season with various events and famous nightclubs such as Kemer Carnival social and tourist life are located in major contributions.

The must-see places around Kemer are as follows: Olympos Ancient City, Chimera (Burning stone), Adrasan, Üç Adalar, Göynük Canyon, Twin Rocks, Ekopark, Ulupınar and Seljuk Hunting Lodge.

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