Kumköy Transfer


Antalya Airport Kumköy Transfer

Antalya Airport Kumköy Transfer, which is continued uninterrupted every period, is offered to users professionally.

Antalya Airport Kumköy Transfer services are divided into types. Among these, there are different alternatives such as economical, VIP, one-way, round-trip. Customers can easily choose whatever they want from the options.

The distance between Antalya airport and Kumköy is 60 kilometers and this takes an average of sixty minutes. When the plane lands, the vehicle is ready at the door immediately and the customer is delivered to the address of destination in the fastest way possible. In this way, passengers have more time to rest. If shared transfer service is to be used, then the waiting time may vary. Since the private transfer service is personal, transportation proceeds individually.

Antalya Airport Kumköy Transfer Service

Within the scope of Antalya Airport Kumköy Transfer service, the route is determined and the destination is determined according to this order, especially in group transfers. All users are informed about this in advance. Hotels are listed within themselves and when each customer arrives at their hotel, they get off the transfer vehicle.

The vehicles to be used for transfer are preferred to be fully equipped and the most technological. In this way, the transfer that starts after the plane is more comfortable. The vehicle has all the features to provide this. This is true for all types of transfers. The firm's emphasis on customer satisfaction ensures that the service quality and comfort are always high.

Antalya Kumkoy Transfer

Anyone can benefit from Antalya Airport Kumköy Transfer service. This service time, which allows easy access to the address to be accommodated, varies depending on the distance. The main purpose here is to deliver all customers to their destination on time and smoothly. For this, the firm has taken all the necessary precautions of the team. Thus, a good start can be made for a peaceful holiday.

Antalya Blue Transfer offers solutions suitable for every demand with its renewed and wide vehicle fleet. While smaller vehicles are used for private transfers, the vehicle capacity is higher in shared transfers. Vehicle selection is made after the service request, and solution-oriented service is always provided.

Antalya Kumkoy Professional Transfer

Antalya Kumköy customer transfer service, which has a wide customer base, is made for all hotels in the region. This transfer, which takes about an hour, is divided into types. Most users prefer the private transfer service. People who want to benefit from this service should contact the company. Especially making an early reservation will not be affected by the intensity of the summer season. At the same time, discounts are made in case of early reservation.

Since Antalye Blue Transfer company is an expert in this field, every customer who chooses the company is satisfied with the service. The professional team in the field of the company always keeps the satisfaction level of the service at the highest level. At the same time, having a large vehicle fleet supports this.

Kumköy Transfer Services

As it can be understood from the name of the private transfer, which is among the Kumköy transfer services, it is the name given to the transfers made by private vehicles. This transfer, which usually starts from Antalya airport, continues until the arrival of the hotel. Customers who want can also benefit from this transfer for return. In this case, the total amount to be paid will be slightly higher.

One-way transfers with more than one person are acted according to a certain route plan. The vehicle stops at each hotel in turn and when each customer arrives at their hotel, they get out of the vehicle. This sequence is standard and customers are informed about it before the transfer. Each of these details is shared with the customer when the transfer request is created.

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