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Antalya Airport Kalkan Transfer

Kalkan, which is one of the most beautiful towns of Antalya city, draws attention with its holiday areas visited by local and foreign tourists.

Kalkan Airport Antalya transfer with its historical and natural places is one of the towns of Kaş, which is another important district of Antalya in terms of tourism. Especially with its historical places in the region, it attracts the attention of more than one local and foreign tourists. For this reason, it has a certain popularity in terms of tourism as a region. Kalkan town, located in a region where the Lydian Civilization was established, is one of the must-pass places of your holiday in the summer, with its temperatures increasing too much in summer.

Antalya Airport Kalkan Transfer Service

Kalkan, which has important holiday villages of Antalya, offers an important holiday service in more than one way. Kalkan has a history of 200 years since the day it was founded. Since it is a place frequented by Mediterranean pirates, its infrastructure also contains a lot of historical background. In addition, it is said to be one of the frequented areas of Greek merchants during the Greeks period. For this reason, this distinguished town is preferred by both local and foreign tourists for vacation, as it witnesses more than one history.

If you want to see this favorite holiday spot of Antalya, all you have to do is to take advantage of our Antalya Airport Kalkan Transfer service offered by Antalya Blue Transfer. The services we have provided up to this day have carried us here. For this reason, we strive to do our job in a self-sacrificing way in our transfer service

Antalya Airport Kalkan Transfer Fee

If you want to enjoy a good and nice holiday, you must have an affordable transfer process. For this reason, as Antalya Blue Transfer, we provide the most affordable transfer service. Especially when the summer months come, the holiday process has a great cost. Apart from this, due to the high costs paid to the transfer process, this process leads to negative situations.

Fortunately, Antalya Blue Transfer offers you an affordable pricing option by offering the best and highest quality service.

Antalya Airport Kalkan Transfer Time

Kalkan, which was founded by Greek merchants about 3000 years ago, is an important town in many respects. For this reason, it is located quite a distance from Antalya airport. There is a distance of 250 km between Antalya airport and Kalkan and this distance is passed in a period of 250 minutes.

During this time, our vehicles are fully equipped to prevent our customers from getting bored. Thanks to the TV, radio and wifi options in our vehicles, the transfer process passes in the best way. As Antalya Blue Transfer, we are trying to do the best of our job based on customer satisfaction to this day. If you want, we will transfer you to the hotel of your choice.

In addition to its many hotels, Kalkan is a town that opens its doors to those who want to benefit from the numerous possibilities of luxury and five-star hotels, starting from its cute atmosphere with its boutique businesses. For this reason, for those who want to maximize the convenience of access, they are the areas you should stop by when you request different stops by our team of staff working with all their power. Thanks to Antalya Blue Transfer, which will allow you to reach the door of the hotel you have chosen for accommodation without any hassle or waiting, your holiday begins the moment you get off your plane.

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